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Where Two Paths Cross :iconakatsuki2009:Akatsuki2009 1 0
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Reward :iconakatsuki2009:Akatsuki2009 15 11
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Awkward Relations :iconakatsuki2009:Akatsuki2009 40 26
Starscream glared at the wall in his quarters, arms resting upon his drawn up knees as he grumbled to himself. His wings were held high and rigid, displaying how irritated he was at the moment. His Lord and Master, Megatron, had given him quite a glossa lashing for speaking out against Optimus Prime, or rather, Orion Pax as he was now known. He'd returned to the Decepticons some time ago, having found no where else to go, and had been punished for his actions of course but when he'd first spotted Orion, he'd gone on the offensive, thinking the Autobots had somehow infiltrated the ship. That turned out to not be the case however, as he'd soon learned. Ever since then, Starscream had resigned himself to once again plotting how to overthrow Megatron, though now it came with the added bonus of Orion Pax. The Seeker however, was dismayed that Megatron barely reacted whenever he spoke of usurping him out loud and disregarded him in favor of listening to Orion.
It was positively outrageous!
:iconakatsuki2009:Akatsuki2009 33 26
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I'm a Professional :iconakatsuki2009:Akatsuki2009 51 14
TF Animated Starscream by Akatsuki2009 TF Animated Starscream :iconakatsuki2009:Akatsuki2009 0 0 TF Animated Bumblebee by Akatsuki2009 TF Animated Bumblebee :iconakatsuki2009:Akatsuki2009 0 0
War Within ch.1
In the many years surrounding the fall of Vos, one of the great city-state's of Cybertron, few found refuge within other places. It was said that no one aside from those who had allied themselves with Megatron had lived but that was not true, for those who refused to join him simply went into hiding or sought out protection from the Autobots in Iacon.
Just outside the city of Kaon, the Decepticon capital, a group of fliers snuck through the rubble of an abandoned town, seeking refuge from the Decepticon patrol units. The obvious leader, a mech with silver wings, pede's, hands and faceplates, with a stormy gray chassis, signaled to his group to follow. A sleeker form followed him immediately, followed by the other two. The mech looked at the one beside him with worried red optics.
"Blaze, will you be alright?" He whispered, vocals hoarse from having barely spoken in the past few decacycles.
"I will be fine, Wingbolt," The voice was obviously feminine. The femme was mostly black in appea
:iconakatsuki2009:Akatsuki2009 1 0
Neko Cosplay by Akatsuki2009 Neko Cosplay :iconakatsuki2009:Akatsuki2009 0 4 My Neko Cosplay by Akatsuki2009 My Neko Cosplay :iconakatsuki2009:Akatsuki2009 1 32
Ch. 5 Rainy Day Confessions
When Orihime awoke on her forth day of being sick, she was startled by the sound of thunder and the steady sound of rain against the roof. Groaning, she sat up and rubbed her eyes, squinting into the darkness beside her to read the digital clock. It was almost time for classes to start! Throwing back the covers, Orihime scrambled out of bed, coughing as she did so, and raced out of her room. Just as she was about to call out to Ulquiorra, her eyes caught sight of the television which was on. She blinked and walked over, eyes glued to the screen as she did so.
"Onna," That cold voice snapped her out of her sudden daze. "It seems as though classes have been canceled for today," He informed her, watching the weather channel.
'Today's sudden weather has forced many schools to close and many college's to cancel classes,' The woman began to report. 'The bands of storms that we'll be seeing are from a tropical depression that wasn't able to stay formed as a typhoon, so we expect to see a lot
:iconakatsuki2009:Akatsuki2009 4 3
Revived Heart ch.4 Fever
The first week was quite a challenge for the both of them, getting used to one another presence in the same house and everything that went with it. Ulquiorra, at the end of the first week, suggested they make some sort of schedule which completely confused Orihime. Why would they need a schedule? She soon found out why. Together, they both came up with bathroom times, who got to use it when, etc. It had the woman sighing to herself whenever she thought about it. Ulquiorra found it necessary for on more than one occasion, he had knocked on the bathroom door needing to shower, only to find Orihime occupying it... and said woman had opened the door with little more than a towel hiding her well endowed body. Orihime had done the same to him. Though the former Espada had only a towel covering his lower regions, he could not comprehend why the woman always blushed a deep shade of red and began to stammer, hiding her eyes as though he were completely nude before her.
It was the beginning of h
:iconakatsuki2009:Akatsuki2009 4 10
Revived Heart ch. 3 Moving In
Just as they had agreed, Ulquiorra met Orihime in front of the University after classes were over. The excited red head was practically bubbling with excitement, much to the former Cuatro's annoyance. She was far too cheerful..
"Ulquiorra-san, how was your day?" She asked with a smile as they walked.
"Hn... it was fine I suppose," He sighed. Just as Orihime opened her mouth to speak again, a loud shout was heard from behind them. Both whirled around, watching the scene now unfolding in the courtyard. Ulquiorra sighed and shook his head, muttering to himself. "Such foolishness..." He muttered. Orihime had that look on her face like she was worried but she soon realized that there was nothing to worry about. They both watched as Grimmjow and Ichigo began to duke it out with each other, though the look in their eyes suggested they were enjoying the little brawl. "We should keep moving if we wish to see Urahara before it becomes too dark," Ulquiorra said, startling the young beauty.
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I've just been so depressed and my emotions are going up and down lately and there is so much I need to get off my chest but I'm terrified of talking to my parents because they'll make this whole big damn deal out of it and push me away even more than they already have.

So lately, I'd been questioning my own sexuality and a friend of mine helped me to kind of realize that I am in fact Bisexual and I do happen to be more attracted to girls than I am to boys but this also stems from something that happened to me as a child and will not be posted here for personal reasons. I am much more comfortable with girls than I am with boys but I can become comfortable with a boy so long as I have known them for a year or more or if I've known them for most of my life.

I want to leave this house and never return but as it is, I do not have the money to do so and I still need my license but I'm terrified of driving because of my height which is quite a disability when I'm trying to see out the back or see around the passenger when backing out.

I want to be able to do the things I want without my parents judging me and I want to be able to talk to them about the things going on in my life but all they do is yell at me and compare me to my little sister :(

Sometimes I just want to kill myself and be done with it but then I remember I have some amazing friends who love me for who I am and are always by my side. I remember they are the ones I am living for and that they want nothing but for me to be happy <3 they are the real reason I'm probably even sane right now and I love them so much. I just wish I could have them all with me so I could smother them with love and gifts and sob on their shoulders while I tell them how happy they make me.

God it felt good to rant... anyway, that's everything....
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Akatsuki2009 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
Aqua would love the party but she's a bit of a moody one. She's a former 'con and the twins are just trying to show her what life is like as a 'bot. So really anything could happen ^^
Jane-sama Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
great! Can she hold her high grade? And would you want this party to go...there  (hint hint)?
Also, you had asked to be in it too, making 4 in the room, would you like me to use your real name or something else?
Akatsuki2009 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
She can hold her high grade just fine~ And sure XD and you can use the name Lena ^^ its what most people call me
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